The Stages of Breast Cancer You Should Know About. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

Breast cancer entails different stages, each of which has their own significance and magnitude. Whether you’ve never had the disease and want to enhance your odds of premature detection or you’ve been diagnosed recently, or you in the middle of therapy and follow-up, you know that the cancer and its medical tests will always go simultaneously. If you see the index of breast cancer staging, you will find multiple layers in it. First and foremost, medics undertake an initial diagnosis of the malaise in the screening process at Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh. The next thing is a number of tests and subsequent evaluations that follow to affirm the staging of the disease.

Know the tests

Majority of breast-cancer related assessments fall into more than one category. The first is screening tests. These tests include mammograms on an annual basis. The Cancer Specialists in Chandigarh give this to test routinely to people appearing to be fine and healthy, or the ones who don’t suspect any breast cancer yet. The main purpose is to find the malaise and its roots early on, before symptoms can get the scope to develop. Usually, it becomes easier to treat cancer.

Diagnostic assessments

One of the main diagnostic tests is biopsy. The experts give it to people who show signs of suspected breast cancer, primarily due to the symptoms they experience or the results of the screen test. You use these tests to determine if there is any breast cancer or not. In that case, you also check if the disease has spread outside the breast. Cancer Doctors in Chandigarh use diagnostic tests to gather and galvanize more information about disease to guide several decisions about the therapy.

Monitoring tests

After the diagnosis of breast cancer, they conduct a flurry of tests during and after the treatment. It monitors the impact of therapies on the body. You can also use test-monitoring to check all signs or probabilities of recurrence.

The other tests

You have numerous other types of tests to check and treat the breast cancer stages. These are blood cell counts, blood marker tests, blood chemistries, bone scans, Breast MRI or magnetic resonance imaging, breast cancer index test and breast physical exam. The next fold includes breast self-exam, which everybody can and should do at home. Then you have broad molecular profiling tests, chest x-rays, CAT or CT (computerized tomography), Chest x-rays, digital tomosynthesis, Ductal Lavage, Endo-predict test, Fish test or fluorescence in Situ Hybridization and IHC tests and IHC tests and Mamma print Test. The other regular ultrasound, thermography and PET scan.

Progress of the cancer in staging

Breast cancer stage is actually a phrase that implies that a breast tumor is moving from one phase to the next stage or level over time. This stage is higher than the previous one. It’s somewhat true if you don’t treat cancer.

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Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandigarh – How To Find The Best One? Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

An Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandigarh is a medical specialist trained and certified to treat issues with a person’s bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. Some orthopedic surgeons will specialize in one area of orthopedics, such as sports medicine, joint replacements, and diseases of the bone, hand surgery or trauma. Sometimes, orthopedic care may involve the spine and affect the nervous system. Orthopedic issues can result from a number of causes, including birth defects, aging and sports injuries. Treatments for orthopedic conditions vary as much as the specialties within the field. An Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandigarh may treat patients with procedures such as reconstructing a hand, replacing a hip, knee or shoulder, fusing the spine. In these cases, the orthopedic surgeon may add screws, pins wires and/or prosthetics to the injured area.

More common treatments may involve repairing broken bones, sprains, strains and dislocations. An orthopedic surgeon may work in a number of places, including private practice, hospitals, medical centers or surgical centers. Some surgeons practice in centers devoted entirely to orthopedic patient care, surgery, education and research. 

Where to Start If You Need an Orthopedic Surgeon in Chandigarh?

Finding the right orthopedic surgeon is extremely important and requires extra care and research. Many people start their orthopedic treatment with their family doctor, who then will refer them to an orthopedic specialist. You should also take an active role in your treatment by researching your condition and the available specialists who may be best qualified to treat you. Given the complexity of orthopedic care and surgery, as well as the damaging effect of complications, you must take the time to find the right specialist for your condition. Therefore, the first hurdle in your search is to narrow your list to orthopedic surgeons who are trained and board-certified.

Ortho training involves several years of education and testing to prove advanced competence in orthopedic surgery. Next, you need to evaluate the orthopedic surgeon’s experience level performing the procedure you require. How many cases has the surgeon treated? What specific surgeries have they performed and are they the same as what you will need to undergo? In other words, you don’t want a hand reconstruction specialist to replace your hip. You’ll want to dig a deeper into a potential surgeon’s experience to differentiate the surgeries they have actually performed as a lead surgeon. If an orthopedic surgeon in Chandigarh was merely part of the surgical team but did not perform any portion of the operation, that experience should not translate into qualified in your analysis.

In addition, you want to know how many surgeries were done successfully and how many resulted in complications. What’s the surgeon’s complication rate? Can you find third-party evidence of successful outcomes for surgeries like yours? After you determine surgical experience and qualifications, you want a surgeon with whom you’ll feel comfortable. This is an area where you can forget about your analytical side and trust your gut. How did you feel during your consultation? Was the surgeon open and willing to address all of your questions and concerns? Education, training, experience and other qualifications are critical. However, if you don’t have a good rapport with your Orthopedic Surgeon in Mohali, your treatment may be adversely affected. 

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When to Seek Help from Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh? Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

A gynecologist is the doctor or a healthcare professional focusing on the female reproductive system. From your early adulthood to old age, you may require the help of the Best Gynecologist in Chandigarh at any point of time. The gynecologist may prescribe you preventative measures or medicines after diagnosing maladies relating to the reproductive system. When a female reaches the age of 18 and becomes sexually active, she must look for a gynecologist. There are some tips and guidelines you may go through to find when to visit a gynecologist. 

Whenever you find menstrual cycle to be irregular

In the middle of the menstrual cycle, one must see a gynecologist. You may see the healthcare practitioner in the middle, that is, two weeks later or two weeks prior to the menstrual cycle. If the cycle is irregular, you must immediately schedule an appointment with the Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh. Call up the doctor’s office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If you neglect any problem relating to the reproductive system, you have to repent later. Look for a clinic where the timing is flexible to suit your routine. When it comes to getting examined by the doctor, to get accurate reports, you must move to the doctor with an empty bladder. The healthcare professional will accurately examine you in this way.

When there is any unusual pain in the reproductive organ

Gynecologists should be considered when you experience any unusual pain in the organ. You cannot ignore pain in the reproductive organ under any condition.

If you are pregnant

If there is an instance of missed periods and you suspect being pregnant, see a gynecologist immediately. It is however better to see an obstetrician if you are pregnant. The doctor will see through the pregnancy. He/she will prescribe you ultrasounds, monthly tests, some exercises, a proper diet to take care of the fetus. It is important to visit the doctor to support the health of the fetus and the would-be-mom.

Is there a mid-cycle spotting?

Spotting is something which is normal in the initial days of using birth control pills, but if you see that frequently, something has to be done. It is not normal to have frequent episodes of spotting. Take an appointment with a gynecologist to check what is happening inside.

Regular checkups and annual examination

It is not necessary that you will see a Gynecologist in Mohali only when there is some problem in the reproductive system. You may also visit the best gynecologist for regular checkups.

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Finding The Best Cancer Treatment Doctors in Chandigarh. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

When the diagnosis of cancer is made, it is pertinent for one to seek the best health care services available for treatment as soon as one can. In the journey to recovery from cancer, making the decision of which doctor and treatment center to schedule appointments with can make a big difference.

Below are some tips to guide you into choosing the right doctor for your Cancer Treatment in Chandigarh.

Choose the right center 

Doctors that diagnose and treat cancer are called oncologists, and they are usually found in multispecialty treatment centers. The Best Cancer Hospitals in Mohali that have achieved recognition for their services ensure that you will get the best treatment available.

Know the Kind of Oncologist You Need

Your cancer type will often determine the kind of oncologist you need to contact first. There are three kinds of oncologists: medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists which specialize in using drugs, surgery, and radiation respectively in treating cancer. The kind of cancer you have will determine who your main oncologist would be, especially in cases where you will need to see more than one kind of oncologist.

What you need and want in a doctor

An important tip to note in choosing a doctor that is right for you is to choose a doctor who meets the following criteria;

1.     A doctor that is experienced in treating your type of cancer

2.     A doctor who falls within your health insurance plan

3.     A doctor who makes you feel comfortable

Selecting the Right Cancer Doctor in Chandigarh is one of the most important decisions you will make in your journey to cancer treatment. Do not rush, do all your background checks and you will have a less difficult journey to recovery.

About Grecian Hospital

Grecian Hospital treats a variety of malignancies including breast-cancer, prostate-cancer, lung, and colon-cancer. They understand that the treatment for cancer requires an integrated team approach so they surround our patients with support as we tackle together the many facets of life impacted by a cancer diagnosis; and they provide the support that speaks to these many facets – from physical to emotional.

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Get the best advice for your reproductive health from best gynaecologist in Chandigarh. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

In today’s planet we all know that each and every woman has the right to take the pleasure of the uppermost achievable standard of physical along with mental health. A woman must visit a gynae for regular checkups so that you can straight away come to know if you are facing any kind of abnormal problems regarding your reproductive system. A Gynae Doctor in Chandigarh is the best person to guide a woman in the correct path concerning her reproductive health. As a result there are most of the women who feel introverted and self-conscious to visit a Best Gynaecologist in Chandigarh and the reason for this is because this medical checkup involves numerous private questions and most of them do not to share these personal issues with anyone.

But you must always keep in mind that health comes first and you must keep all your self- consciousness to one side and should go for regular checkups at least once in a month. You must never delay in these types of situations as it will lead to a difficult situation later on in life. The Best Gynecologist in Mohali will always assist you in no matter whatever problem you will face. She will guide you if you are having abnormal periods, she will give you advice on how to take special protection against sexually transmitted diseases and many other issues. We all are aware of the fact that each and every woman starts her voyage as a daughter fulfilling the expectations of her parents, then she becomes a wife and supports all the requirements of her family, after becoming a mother she turns out to be a personification and fulfills all her kid’s needs. As a result in her old age she plays a vital role in holding her family together and she moreover guides the youngsters. She plays all these roles with great dignity and grace but have you ever thought that she also goes through pains and tortures in her lifetime. No branch of medical has changed in the past years as obstetrics & gynaecologist has. 

When a woman visits a gynaecologist then she definitely visits her regarding the problems that she is facing. Well if you are also one of them who are going through some or the other problems and residing in Chandigarh then you need not worry and get in touch with Best Gynecologist Doctor in Chandigarh Mohali. With the skyscraping experienced professionalism gynaecologist will assist you to get rid of all your troubles as fast as possible. A gynaecologist also aids you to have a safe pregnancy. They also offer you different services like care during pregnancy, laparoscopic surgery, fertiloscopy, general health and cancer screening and many more. So if you are facing any problems then do not hesitate to visit the Best Gynecologist in Mohali to seek outstanding advice.

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How Alcohol Drinking Affects Your Heart Health. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

The effects of alcohol on the heart and circulatory organs depend on the amount of alcohol consumed. According to certain studies, drinking a glass of wine can be beneficial for your health to some extent – it can help relax and increases the level of good cholesterol. However, the same beneficial effects can be achieved through other means. Moderate alcohol consumption is not dangerous for the cardiovascular system and the impact of the accidental use of alcohol on the myocardium subsides quickly. But, excessive amounts of alcohol consumption are very harmful for the body and cardiovascular system.

Excessive and prolonged consumption of alcohol:

1.     Increases cardiac arrhythmia risks;

2.     Damages myocardium and promotes serious heart failure;

3.     Increases blood pressure and raises the risk of coronary heart diseases;

4.     Increases the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke or sudden death from heart disease;

5.     Causes painful episodes of angina due to oxygen deficiency.

The Best Cardiology Specialist Doctors in Mohali suggests that alcohol directly reduces the force of heart contractions and has an indirect impact on the heart pumping function. If the force of contractions becomes less due to a heart defect, the effect of alcohol on the widening of the blood vessels and excretion of fluid from the body is increased. Although, alcohol, to some degree, can protect the heart from the development of coronary heart disease, it should not be used to relieve chest pain that emerges during physical activity. Alcohol can sometimes alleviate pain symptoms, but the deficiency of oxygen supply to the myocardium that develops on the background cannot be reduced. Emergency aid for coronary disease is nitroglycerin and not alcohol.

According to Best Heart Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh, more early signs of myocardial disease in people abusing alcohol include increased thickness of the myocardium and heart enlargement – this condition is called alcoholic cardiomyopathy. The heart cannot respond to the load in its normal way and that provokes breathlessness. However, such changes can be reversed to a certain extent if an alcoholic stops drinking. Giving up excessive drinking that lasted for several years’ leads to a slow recovery or at least to constant positive changes. Cardiac arrhythmias provoked by alcohol usually subside on their own. However, severe and recurrent arrhythmias can require medicinal treatment.

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Finding the Right Cancer Treatment Hospital for Your Type of Cancer in Chandigarh Mohali. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

Your choice of a Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh may be limited to centers that are part of your health insurance plan. It is good idea to go with the facility where your doctor practices, or have your chosen doctor recommend a facility that offers comprehensive care that will meet your needs. If you are paying for the treatment yourself, you should discuss the possible costs of your treatment with your doctor beforehand.

It is crucial that you find a cancer center that has experience treating your specific type of cancer. Here are some suggestions that may help in finding the Best Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh.

If you’ve already found the best physician for your type of cancer, it’ll be easier for you to find a facility that will offer you comprehensive cancer care. The Best Cancer Doctors in Chandigarh usually works with centers that offer superior cancer care.

Accredited cancer Hospitals have more experience with various kinds of cancers, and they offer more services for their cancer patients. These centers offer you the best possible treatment and are more likely to have clinical trials that you can be a part of.

You can look for the Best Cancer Treatment Hospitals in Chandigarh online. Online directories have nearby cancer centers that meet the quality standards and are accredited. Lists of accredited programs including cancer centers across the Tricity which are monitored continuously for quality care are available. The National Cancer Institute works with cancer centers and recognizes all the comprehensive cancer centers, which are often housed at universities where research studies are conducted.

Your chosen Cancer Treatment Hospital should explain your rights and responsibilities as a patient. Sometimes you may not find a treatment facility in your town. This will require you to travel to get the cancer care for your type of cancer. Try to contact the facility directly to know if they can accommodate you while on treatment or can help with travel and finding lodging close to the treatment center.

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The Best Oncologist/Cancer Specialist in India — Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

If you are suffering from Cancer disease then it can be definitely cured by taking help from the Best Oncologist/Cancer Specialist in Chandigarh Mohali, India. These cancer surgeons are specialized in their field of treating and curing cancer disease. Getting diagnosed and detected with any kind of Cancer is not good for any person. However if you are suffering from cancer for a couple of months then you can take help from a cancer surgeon or oncologist for getting cured. The following few things should be considered before you choose and go to an oncologist:

You should seek an oncologist who has been board certified

This is a perfect sign that you will be treated by a professional who is competent in the field of cancer surgery and understands your problem well. If medical tests show that you are suffering from cancer then it might prove to be fatal, it is for this reason you should search for the best oncologists who have been certified by the board of cancer surgeons. Many kinds of board certifications are available like some oncologists hold specialization in chemotherapy and others are pioneers in radiation therapy.

You should select an oncologist or cancer surgeon after seeing his work experience. The best sign of his being a perfect surgeon is that he practices full time oncology.

If you get full healthcare at a fine Oncology/Cancer Treatment Hospital in Chandigarh, Mohali, India then this will be regarded as another sign of being with a good and experienced oncology surgeon. You should seek a cancer surgery hospital that can provide you with good quality of healthcare. Highly sophisticated and advanced cancer surgery hospitals have specialists of radiation therapy and chemotherapy under the same roof. This kind of feature can reduce the expenses of your travel as well as save your valuable time. Experienced oncologists also make detailed research about cancer and perform advanced cancer operations during your surgery.

One of the best ways to find the best oncologists is to ask about a referral from your general doctor or physician who provides you with primary treatment. You can also take valuable consultation from your friends and family members.

Is Grecian Hospital a destination of the Best Oncologists or Cancer Specialist?

You can easily trace the Best Oncologist/Cancer Specialist in Chandigarh, Mohali, India by contacting the authorities of world class cancer surgery hospitals like Grecian Hospital in Chandigarh. Grecian has highly qualified oncologists who have taken their work training in developed countries like the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. So, yes, Grecian Super Specialty Hospital is one of the Best Hospital for Cancer Treatment.

Effective Remedies for Irregular Periods. Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

The average normal menstrual cycle in a woman is 28 days long, occasionally fluctuating from 21 to 35 days. Controlled by female hormones, progesterone and estrogen, regular period cycles are indicative of good health in a woman. Nevertheless, sometimes due to hormonal imbalance in women, periods can become irregular. Irregular periods are a common problem in women today. Gynae Doctor in Chandigarh Mohali states that some of the causes of irregular periods are lack of nutrition, weakness, eating disorders, improper diet, stress, extreme physical exercise, and lifestyle choices such as smoking.

How to avoid irregular periods?

In most cases, irregular period’s problem can be avoided with the help of a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes. Sometimes, irregular periods could also be a result of fibroid and cyst. Hence, prolonged irregular and painful periods should be investigated by professional health care practitioners.

According to Best Gynecologist Doctor in Chandigarh Mohali, irregular menstruation problem can be resolved with the help of some natural home remedies. Conventional medication for hormonal imbalance may have side effects and hence, should be a last resort. Home remedies for irregular menstruation as mentioned below may assist in managing the situation better:

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: They are effective in regulating one’s periods and are packed with a bundle of vital nutrients that revitalize the body

Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd is effective in the treatment of irregular periods. Consumption of bitter gourd juice or consuming it in any other form as you desire can be helpful.

Cumin and Sesame Seeds Along With Honey: A concoction of powdered cumin seeds and sesame seeds in equal proportions combined with honey is a mixture that treats irregular menstruation well.

Buttermilk and Radish Seeds: Adding 2 large spoons of ground radish seed powder into one cup of buttermilk creates a natural health drink. This drink should be consumed once daily for three months at least, for astonishing effects in regularizing one’s menstrual cycle.

Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds when included in one’s daily meal can treat irregular menstruation. Soaking two tablespoons of fennel seeds into a glass of water overnight and consuming the strained liquid daily helps to get rid of this problem.

Unripe Papaya: Unripe papaya is perhaps one of the most effective home remedies for irregular periods. Consuming one portion of unripe papaya daily can aid in getting rid of irregular menstruation.

Ginger and Honey: Daily consumption of raw ginger mixed with honey provides a positive relief from irregularity of periods.

Treatment of irregular periods with home remedies is safe and evades the need to take medications that may incur side effects. Most of the ingredients needed in preparation of natural home remedies for irregular periods are available in our kitchen, waiting to bring the necessary relief from irregular menstruation.

But if you are still not able to retain the normal period cycle, you should consult Gynaecologist Specialist Chandigarh Mohali at Grecian Super Specialty Hospital for other abnormalities and problems.

What to consider before getting Cancer Treatment in Chandigarh Mohali? Grecian Super Specialty Hospital

A cancer diagnosis affects more than the physical body. It also affects your emotions and relationships. Life is never the same after a cancer diagnosis, and people respond to diagnosis in different ways.

Both the patient and their family have a lot of decisions to make in a short time including the place to go for treatment, the cost of the treatment and what your insurance will cover, travel expenses if there are any, and much more. As a cancer patient, you have to take an active role in your cancer care and make treatment decisions that are best for you and those you love.

Before choosing a Cancer Treatment Hospital in Chandigarh Mohali,you can consider the following issues first:

Second opinion

After receiving your cancer diagnosis from your primary care physician, it is best to opt for a second opinion from a cancer specialist. Most health insurance plans support second opinions before they cover some of the treatment costs. If the specialist confirms the first diagnosis, they will advise on the available treatment options for your type of cancer.


A prognosis is the best estimate from a cancer specialist of how your cancer is going to respond to Cancer Treatment in Chandigarh Mohali and what your life expectancy is going to be after treatment. Patients whose cancer is discovered early undergo minor treatment compared to those with advanced cancer who may need a few treatment options or may have a low survival rate due to an aggressive form of cancer. You may proceed with treatment after receiving the worst news from prognosis or refuse treatment, but consider making a decision that is fair to you and your loved ones. Your cancer care team will help you to make a wise decision.

Traveling for treatment

You may need to travel to Chandigarh or Mohali for Your Cancer Treatment. This means added travel and lodging costs, which must be considered alongside the treatment costs.

Advance Care Planning

A patient should clearly understand their cancer diagnosis and treatment goals. Through advance care planning, you will identify your cancer care preferences and how they should be handled in case you are unable to do so. You can discuss such information with your health care team and family and complete the necessary advance directives before you commence treatment. The advance directives include Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Out of Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate order.

Grecian Super Specialty Hospital is the Best Cancer Hospital in Chandigarh MohaliIf you are suffering from this dreadful disease, meet the Best Cancer Specialist Doctor in Chandigarh Mohali today at Grecian Super Specialty Hospital.